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Behind The Scenes Research (BTSR)
"Power corrupts, sexual chastisement reinforced with force, to provoke subjugation and forgiveness corrupts absolutely."

Negative News Now (NNN) - Funniest Moments with Quetzal!

"The situation is international and very, very serious and requires immendiate attention."

"Mr. Quetzal, can you give me the quick and dirty?

"Of Course not... you wish!"

First of all, things at a international United Nations level has come down to allowable or non-allowable national knowledge and agreements for acquisition via religious compelling or institutional reduction; aka enactment of reichiarchy via boasts of tresspassing, aka "forms of pulling into ones sight" religious, cultural, policy and policy exploit.
Second, the possibility exists of a national centralization of knowledge to a grand master and loyal assistant overseen by a "holy see\ mufti" type, whereas the mufti oversee El and Al, the King and Prince of the Middle East; it is believed that this International Officer was present during this centralization of national knowledge and pledges to serve the grand master/ loyal assistant that I had heard about vicariously in conversation, that the best of each field was to represent knowledge in 2012 to Ottawa.
Third, this centralization of national knowledge resulted in a 1M visit by the previous Prime Minister to the Middle East, approximately Feb 2014 by extrapolations and calculations I culminated myself having to sort a wide array of knowledge, and its interpretive understanding(s). This may have resulted in what is known as a re-circulation of International Prayer in the form of Stress and Pressure and Its Transference in a non-Jesus fashion with its volitile Mufti additives of chastisement and religious compelling/ institutional reduction behavioral element known last most exclusively to the Mufti blessed after the Muhammad and Odell recentralization of "Forms of pulling into one's sight" of YHWH, Jesus' father in Heaven, opposite of his "Heavenly Places" father Moses Almighty and the Golden Eagle Ark and its international benefits and unaccounted consequences since the Serpentinian Ark Days; both go by different names of course, Ark of the Covenant and Pandoras Box.
Fourth, "Lest We Forget" and "Never Again" would have been overturned resulting in Reichiarchy Dissolution dissolved, turning Law Enforcement Blessing back into Reichiarchy/ 'religious, cultural, policy, and policy exploit' of "forms of pulling into one's sight.  Resulting from the Mufti blessing causes stress and pressure and its transference internationally and would be only perceivable by consequent and reaction, and two elements of its cause; the 'principles delegation' and the 'power delegation' of powers and principalities.
Fifth, this blessing of stress and pressure and its transference is utilized by the Vatican to amplify, known as a "time of renewal", and its non-interpretation of Jesus Christ and the two known Heavens, opposite International litigation systems that remove and allot 'comfort and security'.
Sixth, during these times of stress and pressure and its transference and its amplification, and use by powers and principalities; the exploit of 'Barristers documents' is always fatal to a fault of 'righteousness', and is followed closely by boasters of trespassing: of religion, of culture, of policy and of policy.
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